Our Team

Michael is our Head chef, after humble beginnings in the North michael left to work himself around the world for two years starting to work in kitchens in as diverse places such as the South Pacific, Australia and the far East, on retuning home to the UK he put himself through full time college City and Guilds course for chefs and FOA, while raising a family and working full time in a restaurant, after college he spent two years working in some of best kitchens in the UK and time spent in Europe, for 15 years michael as headed some well respected restaurants and achieved a impressive amount of accolades however as never lost focus on the most important part of this buisness the satisfaction of the diner, now at the Whitehouse he is a very committed passionate head chef who is a firm promoter of local producers and wild ingredients that are in tune with modern ethical practices..

Jane, a lawyer by day, opened The Whitehouse with Sarah in 2003. Jane is active in the Slow Food movement and in promoting our delicious food. She is also a director of the Morvern Community Development Company and Slow Adventuring, and a judge in the International Marmalade Competition!

Sarah co-owns and runs Lochaline Stores as well as running the operational side of the Whitehouse and is the Crew Manager for the local volunteer fire service. She has a young family: Archie and Eadie, who regularly help our head gardener Lesley. Sarah is a director of the Morvern Community Development Company.