Welcome to The Whitehouse

We welcome you to our website .

 We have taken the very difficult decision not to open for the rest of 2020 due to the COVID19 pandemic and social distancing requirements for restaurants.

We are very sorry not see you this year and hope that you are all safe and well and stay that way.

 You can contact us  by emailing https://www.thewhitehouserestaurant.co.uk  This is the best way of contacting us as we are not monitoring out telephone.  

"The cooking is very fine indeed" 

The Good Food Guide  2019

Square Meal voted 5th best restaurant in Scotland September 2019

"The food was fantastic and beautifully presented, the service first class and the whole experience an absolute delight"

Clotted cream Conde and porter sorbet

 "...a talented team who consistently showcase the local ingredients of this stunning part of the Highlands"

Smoked mackerel terrine

"The constantly evolving blackboard menu showcases local seafood, game and garden produce. Cooking is pleasingly unfussy and flavoursome."

Michelin Guide, 2018

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