Meet Our Team

Sarah Jones and Jane Stuart-Smith opened the Whitehouse in April 2003. Along with our chefs Mike and Lee, we are committed to using ingredients sourced from local producers we know and trust. 

Mike and Lee joined us in 2011. Shirely Shaw  and  Mary Lindsay are key to the FOH .  We are a small team but very dedicated to good food and welcoming you to the Whitehouse.

  • photo of Mike H Burgoyne

    Mike H Burgoyne - Head Chef & Maitre D'

    Mike, our fantastic Head Chef, was lured to the HIghlands and the Whitehouse in 2011 by the wonderful local food at his disposal.  Mike trained at some very high profile restaurnts in the UK and Europe so how did he come to the Whitehouse?

    Jane met Mike in Soho in the Spring of 2011.  They had a  long chin wag about sourcing and what the Whitehouse was about (cooking the best local food and giving our guests a wonderful time without being too stuffy).  Jane offered MIke the job of Head chef on the spot.  She recognised Mike's passion for the best ingredients and his enthusiasm for such a remote spot. Mike was not phased that, unlike in cities, food deliveries are not always as reliable as they could be due to weather and other "factors".  

    Sarah asked Mike the other day what he liked best about working at the Whitehouse.  He replied "The Whitehouse Restaurant is a unique little place.  The food that makes it on to the menu is completely determined by what fishermen catch, gamekeepers shoot, slaughter house kills and Lesley grows, or I’ve found growing on the hills 

    We all feel at the restaurant that the ingredient is king - it decides the menu everyday sometime two or three times a day. We never know from one day to the next.   Its a challenge but one we love.  We get really excited when something really great comes through the door.      (stag liver, heart and kidney were a highlights last year). The beauty we feel is not to mess around with these superb ingredients but to match them to something well and to cook them simply and allow the ingredient to speak."  

  • photo of Lee Myers

    Lee Myers - Sous Chef & Pastry

    Lee has worked with Mike for six years.  He has worked  for some big hitters in the UK (eg  at the Ritz London and with Gordon Ramsay, Maze, The Ritz, and Galvin's Bistrot de Luxe).


    Lee is our  Sous Chef and Pastry Chef.  Lee loves making puddings and which is lucky for all of us as his pastry is fantstic and his puds fly out of the kitchen.  Lee is a perfectionist and passionate about the ingredients he uses.  Lee's approach to cooking (as he is not that loud in the kitchen ) could be described as silent but deadly (good). 

Sarah Jones and Jane Stuart-Smith opened The Whitehouse in April 2003 to show off the amazing food all around them.